About Chasma

I often get asked “How are you ageing backwards?”. My skin and hair are in better condition at 47 then when I was in my 30’s, and I am just about to cross the threshold into full blown menopause!

“How is that possible?” is usually what I am met with. “You must have good genes?” “Did you do cosmetic surgery or procedures” Those are some of the things I get asked.

I showed up at a wellness resort in India after scattering my father’s ashes, with highly sensitive red blotchy skin, milia under my eyes, deep wrinkles and hair loss around my temple, Growing my hair long was not the problem, the volume of hair around my crown and scalp was thinning.

I learned in the foothills of the Himalayas the connection of my mind to my skin and that skin care does not stop at the hairline I also learned how healing my mind could impact the reflection in the mirror. The idea of healing my skin and hair through my mind and my intentions is my fountain of youth.

Guided by ancient eastern philosophies and ingredients that are plant forward, I am happy to share

Chasma- Mindful Skincare

My Best Intentions Always,